Redwood Tree Care undertake all aspects of Tree Surgery and Tree Surveying, here are the main types of work:

T.P.O.'s and Conservation Areas

If you suspect that your trees are subject to a Preservation order (T.P.O) Redwood Tree Care can contact your local authority and find out if your trees are protected. If your trees are protected, you need written permission to remove them, or to do any tree surgery, apart from deadwooding. If you remove trees or do work to them without permission you could be prosecuted. Redwood Tree Care can upon request fill out your application form and add photos/ plans applying for the tree surgery work to be undertaken. There is a small charge of £50.00 for this service, but if our quote is accepted you can re-coup the costs of this service after the tree surgery is completed. This process usually takes 4-6 weeks for a decision. If you want to remove trees, you may be required to plant replacements of the same species/native species near to or in the same location.

Tree Felling/Dismantling

The removal of the whole tree to ground level. Redwood Tree Care are highly experienced in removing large, dangerous and problematic trees in unsuitable positions. We use a variety of the latest recognised methods, To control/lower sections of the tree to prevent damage to the ground and surrounding targets. i.e. patio lawn shed glasshouse decks and garages.

Tree Pollarding

The removal of the entire crown to either a framework or a single stem/main trunk. (Please note that this can only be done on certain species which can be discussed at the quotation stage) Pollarding is a good technique for trees in a tight or awkward spot, removing as much as possible without losing the tree completely.

Tree Crown Reduction

The removal of a percentage of the whole crown. This technique lowers the height and shortens the sides, whilst maintaining a natural form. We achieve this by pruning limbs back to side or at secondary growth points. The recommended percent of the crown to be removed would usually be between 20% and 30%.

End Weight Reduction

The removal of selected secondary branches to reduce the weight of a large limb. This technique is used mainly to help prevent large limbs falling from veteran trees. Without losing the original shape.

Cable Bracing

We use a non-invasive cable bracing system called “Cobra”. We use this on large heavy limbs that have faults or are liable to fail, the Cobra system attaches the problematic limbs to the main stem to reduce the risk of failure and prolong the life of the limb.

Crown Thinning and Deadwood Removal

A portion of the tree’s secondary or internal growth is removed without affecting the original shape, removing dead, diseased and weak branches. We also remove crossing and eccentric growth. The aim of thinning a tree is to keep a uniformed crown, reduce the risk of disease and the danger of falling dead branches.

Crown Lifting/Facing Back

The removal of the lowest branches to improve access or light around the tree’s base. Facing back is the reduction of a specific side of the tree without lowering the height, a technique usually carried out on tree’s encroaching on boundaries or properties.

Emergency Call Out

24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are on stand by. If a tree fails and needs to made safe to prevent any risk of extra damage, you can call us at any time. Redwood Tree care's 24hr Emergency call out service provides reassurance and peace of mind when it comes to dealing with dangerous or problematic trees that  have failed and need to be dealt with promptly. Please use our phone numbers for this service.

Hedge Work

Either a light trim twice a year to a square or A framed shape depending on preference and hedge type. Or reducing in height an overgrown un-managed hedge to a level line where possible. for best result a trim every 6 months is recommended and keeps the cost down.

Redwood Tree Care also maintain veteran trees, formative prune on young trees, transplant/re-locate existing tree/shrubs when possible. Plus Fruit tree pruning to frameworks and many many more!

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